About Us

Nurse Med 2000 is an independently owned and operated company located in Kansas City, Missouri. We provide training to Health Care Personnel and Organizations.

Our goal is to make NurseMed2000 a household name when you think about healthcare training. We strive to provide the most professional and exceptional training to you and your employees. We are a private company that is not open to the general public. We welcome and encourage suggestions to make our services even better. Striving to excel past industry standards, we always welcome your referrals.

What We Do

Our services include First Aid, CPR, ACLS and BLS certifications. We provide on-site training to companies wishing to train multiple staff members at the same time. In addition, we offer training in Level I Medication Aide and Insulin Certification for Residential Care Facilities in the state of Missouri.

Our Standards

As a private company, we expect our patrons seek to hold themselves to at least the same expectations we have for ourselves. That means: professional atmosphere, seeking excellence, and personal accountability.

Our Capabilities

Our personnel only work within their respective "scope of practice". As our team grows, the more we are able to contribute.

Our Advantages


Skilled, Knowledgeable, Experienced Personnel

Members of our team have experience in their respective fields, and can contribute based on knowledge that has accumulated through practical application and dedicated study.


Seeking Excellence

In order to provide the best services we can, we seek the best personnel. This means the acquisition of talent, exceeding expecations, and reaching our potential through study and practice.


Team effort

Our company relies on the support of the community and actively seeks the partnership of other companies. Combined efforts along with unified support hopefully lead to dramatic advancement.

Our Skills

We rely heavily on the use of technology. As technology advances and the human collective knowledge-base grows, we will advance as well.

What this means is that because we understand how changes in trends of technology will forever continue to shape the advancement of medicine in both theory and practice, we expect that our staff stay up to date and our aspirations stay ahead of the curve.

Our Team

Cynthia Nelson RN BSN

Often described as "One of the best Nurses in Kansas City."

E. Joseph Nelson, BS Mol. Bio.

Cutting-EDGE technological visionary with an interest in Medicine and Research.

Global Consciousness

Artificial intelligence with access to the internet.

Publishing Division

NM2K hopes to contribute to the world s collection of knowledge through research. As the human knowledge base grows, so do we.

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