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We have moved from our previous office in the “Location #1” Citadel Drive office building in the Harold Pener Plaza area. We will disclose our new location to the public here shortly.

Please note: We have moved out of our previous office.

P.O. Box 24734 KCMO 64131
Office Phone: 816-333-2001

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We are committed to providing an easy, friendly, efficient atmosphere for you to receive your training. Thank you for helping us serve you. Please see below for online sign-up options. In the comment box you can leave a specific request as to when and where you would like your training, how many employees (or students, etc) you wish to have trained, and how promptly you would like to be scheduled. We will work with you to make sure things are taken care of in the most efficient way possible. Please note it may take 1-2 business days for a reply, but we try to have a confirmation email sent within 24 hours. Once a date and time is confirmed, you are responsible for making a payment. We ask that you pay in advance to reserve your seat, and payment options will be detailed in the confirmation email. Thank you, Admin


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